It all started many years ago in college with a friend and I hoping to feed our hobbies with our hobbies while sharing our new found talents with others. I took some time off from yBsquare and discovered a new world of accessories for my favorite hobbies and the making of those became one of my favorite things and others liked them too. So yBsquare is back to work making these unique notions and accessories available to all. After all why craft plainly, add some personality!

I am working on new items all of the time and am open to requests and suggestions.

A bit about me: I am a fiber enthusiast! I love to craft. I sew, bead, knit, crochet, drop spin and would love to learn more about them all, along with weaving :). If only there was more time in the day…
This website and business would not be possible without the help and support of my husband. Also and tech problems, those are him ;).